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Analyst Member

$25 Per Year
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$25 Per Year

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$150 Per Year


In April 2016, FCIAA and IACA entered into an agreement to provide memberships to both associations for a reduced annual rate of $40. For a full year of membership (April 20-April 19) IACA bills us $15 per person and a subsequent prorated amount each month after that that is determined by IACA and dependent on factors regarding their membership guidelines. After going through our first full year of this partnership, the Board decided to make a change to ensure that we are being fiscally responsible with our membership dues. This change will not take effect until January 2018; however, we wanted to make you aware with plenty of notice. The main reason for this change is that we don’t know who down the road is or isn’t going to renew their memberships; however, FCIAA is still responsible to pay their IACA membership fee. For example, Member A expires July 2017 and they don’t renew. In April 2017, FCIAA paid $15 to IACA for Member A that lasted three months of a 12 month period. The Board does not believe this is good stewardship of the monies we collect from our members.

Beginning January 1, 2018, we will be changing how we process and accept dual memberships. Anyone signing up for a new dual membership or renews their dual membership will automatically have a membership period of April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019. Dues paid after January 1, 2018 will be applied to the upcoming membership year. We will still take new dual members and renewals throughout the year with the understanding that we will not be prorating membership dues based on these new changes. We will also continue to offer our FCIAA only membership of $25 annually.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we hope that in providing a six month or more notice, this will give you enough time to make any necessary arrangements with your agencies (if they pay for your membership). If you have any questions about this change, I can be reached at

A Vision Founded in 1995

All memberships in the Association are effective upon the timely payment of dues (if applicable). Active members are defined as those members who have paid member dues in full as outlined in Article II, Section 4 of the by-laws. Membership shall begin at such time as the Vice President of Membership has processed membership dues and has notified the applicant that they are an active member.

Membership will extend for a period of (1) year from the date of notification. Membership renewal for the coming year shall be processed prior to the termination of the previous year(s) membership period. Any active member who has not paid their dues within (30) days of their membership expiration date shall be suspended from all membership rights. Any members whose account has been expired for one (1) year will be removed from the database.

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The FCIAA board, at their discretion, may revoke any membership status at any time by a simple majority vote including Life Member. This can be due to a criminal offense or act of moral turpitude; or any verifiable incident, issue or action that undermines or is a detriment to the association. Cases of reinstatement may be considered on an individual basis.


Who Should Join?

We collaborate with any sworn or civilian personnel working in the government or private sectors, within Florida, whose primary responsibilities are analyzing crime or intelligence information. College students and educators who can show an interest in the field and retired law enforcement analysts are able to join at an associate level.

In addition, corporations who service government or non-government entities that employ analysts or provides products customarily used by analysts are also able to join FCIAA on a corporate level. Additional membership information can be found in our Bylaws sections.

Membership Benefits

As an analyst member, your annual dues are $40 a year, which also includes:

  • An annual membership with the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA).
  • Discounts on quarterly training seminars and our annual conference
  • Opportunities for free training are available to analysts who host these quarterly training classes and other classes, such as the IACA Professional Training Series

FCIAA is currently working on bringing web-based trainings and tutorials to our members and are always looking for host sites to provide these trainings throughout Florida. There are additional benefits to members who decide to join one of the several committees we partner with.


Join the Cause

For membership questions or issues, contact Vice President of Membership, Rhea-Lyn Gerstenkorn:



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